Тhe Native House of Todor Zhivkov

Pravets monastery “St. Theodor Tyron”



1. Visit our permanent museum exhibition at 4 “Todor Zhivkov” square, in the town centre. It includes original reconstruction of burial ritual from the Roman period (II-III century AD) and authentic ethnographic corner.
Open: from 9.00 to 18.00 h.

2. Only here in Pravets you can visit The Museum Complex with the Native House of Todor Zhivkov at 32 “Vassil Levski” str. There you can see our new exhibition of the unique collection of gifts from around the world, received by Todor Zhivkov during the time he was the bulgarian head of state.
Open: from 9.00 to 18.00 h.

3. Take your time to see the Native House of T. Zhivkov – architectural and ethnographical reproduction of a Balkan type house from the time of Late Bulgarian Renaissance (XIX centuty).
Open: from 9.00 to 18.00 h.

4. Visit the Pravets monastery “St. Theodor Tyron” in the locality of Manastiritsa. To get there, after you leave Pravets in eastern direction, towards Etropole, take a right turn.

5. West from Pravets, opposite the complex “RIU Pravets Resort golf & spa”, as you enter the village of Razliv, you turn right. The marked tourist route will lead you to the Ancient Fortress of Borovets (IV cent. BC – VII cent. AD). By preliminary request, a guide could lead you through the fortress and tell you about its establishment and development.

You can make your guide request in Historical Museum – Pravets
(tel. 07133-9906; +359 888 688 802; +359 888 688 803; +359 888 688 804).

Ancient Fortress of Borovets