In 2004 a group of enthusiasts decided to link the name of the great Austrian composer W.A. Mozart with Pravets and established a municipal association “Mozart celebrations

Pravets ’04”. The main objective of the association is to organize and conduct an annual festival, which has no analogue in Bulgaria and the region, to promote the works of Mozart, to attract young and established opera talents and musicians to work on educating the audience through a variety of musical scenic forms and educational initiatives. Since then, the organizers do not miss a year and the festival “Mozart Celebrations” now has its own history and traditions.

From 2010 until March 2012 Christina Angelakova was the chairwoman of the Association “Mozart Celebrations – Pravets ’04”. After the successful edition of the festival in 2011, the development strategy of the festival was considered and approved, and the focus was placed on the construction of the open-air stage on the lake in front of Hotel RIU Pravets and the prospects for a new festival format, similar to the prestigious European summer music festivals.

Chairman of the MB from June 2012 is Mr. Luchezar Todorov, and creative work was entrusted to the opera prima Christina Angelakova – artistic director, who for years has been supporting the implementation of the festival events in Pravets.

From 2012 the music festival “Mozart Celebrations” in Pravets is included in the national cultural calendar of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria.