12 - 15 July - 2018




The International Music Mozart Festival will be held for the fourteenth time from 12 to 15 July 2018 in Pravets. Within four festival days and evenings there will be presented unique musical stage productions, uniting the different kinds of arts in an inimitable form – a natural continuation of the already affirmed tendency in the program of IMF “Mozart’s Celebrations” in Pravets of presenting innovative productions of genre diversity, which present the Bulgarian achievements in the various arts in an original symbiosis with classical music.

Opera and ballet with puppets, untraditional presentation of the classical arts – the hallmark of the festival, programs for children and adults, music, dance and poetry with the participation of eminent names from the world music stages, the theater posters, young talents and many more pleasant experiences for the numerous fans of the Festival are to happen during Mozart’s days in July in Pravets. The new opera character – MARIONETTE – is the choice of the organizers for the symbolic emblem of the fourteenth edition of the festival.

The basic participant this year is the ensemble of the Stara Zagora State Opera, accompanied by the Stara Zagora State Puppet Theater and the Academic Circus “Balkanski”. The Marionette Opera of Lindau, Germany, will guest-perform for the first time in Bulgaria.

The guests to the festival will follow the events on the Lake Stage in front of Riu Pravets Resort, in the ballroom “Pravets” in the hotel, in the hall of the Community Center “Zarya 1895”, in the square in front of the Pravets Municipality. The Festival is organized by the “Mozart’s Celebrations- Pravets’04” Association under the patronage of the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr. Boil Banov, with the support of the Pravets Municipality. General sponsor – Terra Tour Service.

During each edition of the Festival the organizers invariably dedicate the events of the festival program to their patron W. A. Mozart, by tradition including also significant anniversaries which the world community marks in 2018 - 160 years since the birth of Giacomo Puccini, 200 years since the birth of Charles Gounod, as well as 100 years since the birth of Leonard Bernstein and 120 years since the birth of George Gershwin.

The IMF “Mozart’s Celebrations” in Pravets will be officially opened on 12 July, at 20.00 with the spectacle of the opera Die Zauberflöte – production of the Marionette Opera of Lindau, Germany. For two hours the story of the genius opera work by Mozart will be vitalized on the stage of Community Center “Zarya 1895”, recreated entirely by marionette puppets. The second performance of Die Zauberflöte is on the next day – 13 July, at 15.00.

On the evening of 13 July, at 21.00, on the Lake Stage, the opera-and-puppet spectacle of the opera Turandot by Giacomo Puccini – coproduction of the Stara Zagora State Opera and the Stara Zagora State Puppet Theater will be presented. The magnificent spectacle has been accomplished by an exceptional international creative team, consisting of prominent artists in both arts – the opera and the puppet theater. Directors are Ognyan Draganov and Darin Petkov, scenography and costumes Catalin Ionescu-Arbore /Romania/, Vasil Rokomanov and Silva Bachvarova, lighting design Vasko Lisichkov /Macedonia/, plasticity Hze Fu-Chen /Taiwan/, choirmaster Mladen Stanev. Conductor Vladimir Boshnakov. The spectacle of the opera Turandot is with the participation of a star multinational soloist cast: Dragana Radanovich from Serbia will play the role of Princess Turandot, Italian tenor Dario di Vietri will be Calaf, Zvetelina Vassileva /Liu/. Other participants are soloists, choir, orchestra of the Stara Zagora State Opera, puppet-players from the Stara Zagora State Puppet Theater, the children from the Children and Adolescents’ Studio for Opera and Ballet “Margaritki” of the Stara Zagora State Opera and representatives of the Proto-Bulgarian Survival School “Baga-Tur”.

On the third Festival day at 11.00 in the “Pravets” Hall here will be “An Autograph Meeting” with the world-renowned Bulgarian tenor Kaludi Kaludov. IMF “Mozart’s Celebrations” will mark the respect-inspiring jubilee of the singer – 40 years on stage. Presenter Svetlana Dimitrova.

At 15.00 in the Community Center “Zarya 1895” there will be presented the spectacle of the ballet Swan Lake by P. I. Tchaikovsky to the choreography of Marius Petipa – yet another meeting with the inimitable mastery of the puppets and actors of the Marionette Opera of Lindau. Ballet with puppets – for the first time in Bulgaria. Choreographer, coach Jutta Mähr, puppets Bernhard Leismüller / Bernhard Morgenstern, puppet heads Sebastian Demmel, costumes Bernhard Leismüller / Amand Pérez, scenography Bettina Hummitzsch.

At 21.00 on the Lake Stage is the premiere of the musical dance-and-theater spectacle Walpurgis Night based on the conception of the artistic director of IMF “Mozart’s Celebrations” opera prima Hristina Angelakova. Passion, eroticism, love and the exchange for YOUTH with selected fragments from the opera Faust by Charles Gounod in harmony with the beautiful texts by Goethe. Conductor Ivaylo Krinchev, director Boyan Kracholov, choreography Filip Milanov, costume designer Salvatore Russo /Italy/. The soloists are Ivaylo Mihaylov, Evgeniya Ralcheva, Ivaylo Dzhurov, actors Dimitar Krumov, Ivan Nikolov, Nadya Keranova, orchestra, choir and ballet of the Stara Zagora State Opera. The spectacle was commissioned by IMF “Mozart’s Celebrations”.

The longest festival day will finish in the hall “Terra” of the hotel complex Riu Pravets Resort. Works by the great Bulgarian composer Pancho Vladigerov, by Bernstein and Gershwin will be part of the rich and attractive program, offered by the brothers Alexander Wladigeroff and Konstantin Wladigeroff, violinist Teodora Kasmetska-Sorokow and pianist Ruzha Semova.  The four talented musicians live and work in Vienna, united by music and friendship. The concert is in the piano bar, beginning at 23.00.

IMF “Mozart’s Celebrations”2018 will be closed on 15 July, Sunday, at 21.00, with the spectacle of the opera Pagliacci  by Leoncavallo, which will be presented on the Lake Stage in front of the Riu Pravets Resort hotel. The spectacle of the opera Pagliacci is a production of the Stara Zagora Opera, with the special participation of the world-famous opera singer Kaludi Kaludov, soloists, choir and orchestra of the Stara Zagora State Opera and circus artists. Director of the production is Ognyan Draganov, conductor Ivaylo Krinchev, artist Catalin Ionescu-Arbore /Romania/, choirmaster Mladen Stanev.