“TERRA TOUR SERVICE EOOD”, Sofia, Bulgaria, is proud of its more than 10 years experience in investment and management of holiday and residential complexes. The company is known of its chain of prosperous holiday hotels “HELIOS HG”, on the coastline of the Black Sea. “Terra Tour Service EOOD” invests in real estate properties along the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, in Bulgarian ski resorts and golf tourism in the country. The name “Terra Tour Service EOOD” is a guarantee of competence and uncompromising quality, based on years of experience in the areas of tourism and investment.

The latest project of the company is “Pravets Golf and Spa Resort”- which consists of 4-star RIU Pravets Resort Golf Spa Casino hotel, golf course with 18 holes and real estate complex.


THE MUNICIPALITY OF PRAVETS is located 60 km northeast of Sofia and covers an area of 323 sq.m. Total population is 9211 residents, of whom about 5000 in the municipal centre – Pravets. The municipality includes 11 towns and villages – the town of Pravets and the villages: Razliv, Praveshka Lukavitsa, Kalugerovo, Svode, Osikovska Lukavista, Djurovo, Ravnishte, Vidrare and Manaselska Reka. The populated places are clearly of mountainous and hilly nature. Four of them /Razliv, Osikovitsa, Vidrare and Djurovo/ have a population of over 500 people. The municipality borders the Municipality of Yablanista on the northeast, the Municipality of Roman on the north, the Municipality of Etropole on the south and the Municipality of Botevgrad on the west.


National Community Centre “Zarya” was founded in 1885 by a group of Pravets patriots. It has a modern building built in 1981, which includes 5 rehearsal halls, a main hall with 500 seats with air conditioning and fully automated stage, a Library. At the community center have been established art schools and artistic ensembles: dance formation, orchestra, piano school, school of folklore singing, folklore and modern dance school. The community center maintains a library with a publicly available, free reading room. Thematic reference and bibliographic card index and catalog are maintained. An operating cinema hall at the community centre “Zarya” is the main source of revenue.